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What happens during a hands-on Reiki session?


January 7, 2022


Kelley Lotosky


Every practitioner may be different, but rest assured, if reiki is invited, you aren’t going to get it wrong.

I’ve always been taught Reiki is universal life energy, the practitioner is just the hose that helps turn on the faucet for it to flow through them and you to receive.

Here are some of the tips and what to expect for my current in-person Reiki offerings.

Before Our Session

What to bring

  • Journal and pen

I will have a massage table, blanket, pillows, and beverages ready for us when you arrive. You can wear whatever clothes you like. I often opt for workout clothes or something I can fall asleep in. Most people remove their shoes. You remain fully clothed during the treatment.

During Our Session

Be present

We will have an hour of time together. We can open with intentions and card pulling or get right to the treatment. There is no need for any chit-chat or sharing of personal details if you are not comfortable with that. It will unfold as it should. You are welcome to talk and share during your treatment or just receive. We will go through a sequence of hand placements on the head, torso, back, and other areas as needed.

After Our Session


How you feel differently, what came up for you, and anything you need to remember for yourself keep track of in your journal. I often pay attention to my dreams.

Into the Future

I would love to work with you and if you are called to learn reiki to treat yourself and others, I can not speak more highly of where I was initiated in 2015 with Amy for my level 1 and 2 degrees. Please visit here to learn of local dates for initiation and her other offerings: Sugi Way of Living

I also have a community of Reiki practitioners I meet with monthly and can refer you to any of them as well. We all have our own unique styles.

Other Offerings with Reiki

Like the idea of Reiki, but more interested in receiving from the comfort of your own home? Try out a distance reiki treatment. All Level 2 practitioners should be trained in them. Find out more about a distance reiki session with me here.

Love the idea of a hands-on Reiki treatment and want to spice it up to the next level with empowering photography to anchor it in? Check out my favorite offering The Surrender Session.

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