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Types of Baby Photography Sessions

This article provides descriptions of the various types of photography sessions to assist growing families to select the best session for their needs.


You are expecting (hurray!) and you know you want to get these precious moments documented, but where do you start? When I started down this photography journey and went about trying to find my niche and favorite types of sessions to photograph, I learned a lot about what is out there and offered – and what they are called. So even if you don’t book with me, this article can be a great guide to help you find a session for your needs. Also worth noting, photographers often offer bundle packages, so it’s worth inquiring if you think it’s a year with a lot of magic moments ahead you want to invest in.


Option #1 – Maternity Sessions

These sessions are held when you have a lovely round bump and the stunning pregnant glow (in my case it was just sweat because I had both my kids in the heat of summer, but let’s still admit you are shimmery) Some photographers have set times these sessions occur while people are pregnant, so check with them directly on timing, but mostly I am looking for the nice round belly before you are too uncomfortable and not at risk of the little one coming to meet us early. Every body is a little different so that perfect time might vary. It is totally optional to bring daddy, siblings, etc along with momma to the session. In my opinion, momma decides. If she feels better having more family to play and interact with – let’s do it.


Option #2 – Birth Stories

Of all the options this one is the most hours with your photographer and tends to be more documentary style shooting. Your photographer is part of your birth team and on-call, yes – even if labor starts at 2 am. Birth photographers are with you at the hospital or home the whole delivery and then stay for an hour or so to catch those first moments – weighing, feeding, skin to skin, etc. It can be a long event, but like nothing I have ever experienced before and stunning to be a part of. Often small video clips will be included as well. You will go over any wish list shots and stuff you would not like documented (This angle placement or if you do not want the crowning shot for example) In all cases, photographers do their best, but also leave the delivery up to the doctors/midwives and work around them. Every birth is different and they work to tell your specific birth story. I love these, but take a limited amount a year to make sure babies don’t decide to arrive on the same day. It is also important to make sure your place of delivery allows photographers in the room and the back-up plan if not.


Option #3 – Fresh 48s

These sessions can happen in the hospital after the birth or in the home, but occur within the first 48 hours of life. This is a great option if you want all the fresh wrinkly newness of the first moments, but don’t want to have a photographer with you during the actual delivery. Some hospitals often have groups of photographs on call for this very type project, but many other photographers offer these – we love our baby fix!


Option #4 – Newborn Session

Most traditional newborn sessions take place with the first 10 days of life. The baby’s are very sleepy at this time and it you are looking for more posed setups, that is an ideal time. These are offered in studios or in homes. My style of newborn photography I call “Lifestyle Newborn Photography” I exclusively shoot in your home with your babies surroundings. Do not worry if it’s messy or not perfect – it’s your story right now and that is all it needs to be. We will find our favorites spots with lighting and get creative. These sessions can take longer to allow for feedings, changes and baby to be baby.


Option #5 Milestone Sessions

Often times these are also called sitter sessions and are almost like a mini session that are set at milestone ages. There might be as many as 4 in a year, but very commonly a one year photoshoot. Families often do the 1 year old session and use them as part of their Birthday Party invitation or holiday card if the timing is right.


and there is always the announcement and gender reveal… but most importantly- CONGRATULATIONS!

Love – Kelley

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