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Surrender Session

Reiki and Portrait Photography Experience

Artful photographs with deep meaning for you to return to when you need to remember your own inner light.

Because you don't want to just stare at the camera and smile. You are so much more than that.

If you have landed here you are curious and that is the best place to be. Open-minded and ready for some deep diving. You are going to gift yourself time and introspection. What a true gem in this hurried world. You have a deep knowing in you and we will explore together to uncover what needs to be seen. The experienced will be anchored by images we are called to co-create together. You don’t have to be a believer, you don’t have to be into all this woo-woo stuff. You aren’t going to get anything wrong. Let’s get our discovery call going and start the process of co-creation.

Here is what Sandra had to say about her experience:

“I’ve been waiting to share these images until I felt confident that I could put into words what this session meant/means to me. I’ve never been on the other end of a camera solo, so this was a big first for me in many ways. I got to experience the gift that is a Surrender Session (Which is a combination of trust, co-creating, reiki healing, card reading, intuition, heart and soul all rolled into one) dreamt up by Kelley.

I first met Kelley on zoom and we talked about what a session might be like (I had no clue) and what I could expect (much more than I could have ever dreamed). She picked a card from her Animal Spirit Deck to set the tone for our session and it was the Otter. That card translates to many things but mostly it led to the unanimous decision that my/our session needed to be a dance party. I got to work making a playlist and had it ready for the day of our session. It started with reiki healing which I’d never had the privilege of experiencing before. I’ve always believed in the power of touch through massage, hugs, etc. but didn’t know much of anything about reiki. You guys it was the craziest thing. (In the best way). Kelley put her hands under my shoulders and I could feel the weight of the world get drawn out of me and into her hands. I mean I could literally feel it moving me and leaving my body. When I think back on it… what an amazing thing she did for me, to take that heavy energy from me.

After that, we looked through her amazing wardrobe and picked a few fun things. She had a whole magical floral set up. I let her take full creative control and the results were epic. We danced and she put flowers in my hair and buried me in flowers and we hiked to the top of the hill for some golden light at the end. It was just the best experience ever. I saw the images and first thought, “is that me?” I’m so grateful to know Kelley and that she shared her many gifts with me. My favorite being her positive radiant energy. That day I could feel it in my bones. She really does spread beauty upon the world. Thank you Kelley.”

– Sandra

A large part of our time together involves trust. That builds more over time and I love repeat clients.

Interest peaked? Reach out for more information. There are a few package options starting at $950.

Just want some reiki (distance or hands-on) without the photos? Great – My table is ready for you!

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  1. […] Love the idea of a hands-on Reiki treatment and want to spice it up to the next level with empowering photography to anchor it in? Check out my favorite offering The Surrender Session. […]

  2. […] Love the idea of a hands-on Reiki treatment and want to spice it up to the next level with empowering photography to anchor it in? Check out my favorite offering The Surrender Session. […]

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