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Destination Retreat Photography and Reiki

Since I was little, I’ve always had a sense I need to see and be with many places on this earth and now here I am traveling to Peru as a retreat photographer and reiki practitioner.

At the beginning of this year, I was invited to provide reiki and photography for a retreat of 8 women traveling to the amazon. When your calendar magically happens to be open, your husband agrees to hold down the fort, and your bags nearly pack themselves, you say YES. You can’t make this stuff up.

The entire retreat experience was envisioned by Jade Chen, Founder of Mud Lotus Life. Please see all her amazing offerings. I’ve worked with her for years and am happy to answer any questions about my personal experiences as well.

How We Traveled

After 3 Flights, a bus ride through Iquitos, and a boat trip up the amazon river, 26 hours later we found ourselves in our jungle eco-lodge. The guides, adventures, delicious local food and retreat space can be found here and here.

It’s hard to put quite into words the magic of this experience, especially without sharing stories that are not mine to tell. Best to share how we spent our time and see if you are called to participate for yourself.

What We Fed Ourselves

We were nourished by foraged foods, local treasures, and deep sisterhood connections.

The Treasures Around Us

The animals and plants that were present held so much comfort and power. From the pregnant mama cat sitting in a circle with us, the sleeping frog as we cleansed the space, the baby duckling that walked for 2 miles with us to the water, the guard dogs that slept outside our hut doors every night, the 5 grasshoppers that sat on my lap while we shared stories by candlelight, the monkeys that ate from our hands the dragonfly that stood by me during a portrait. Thank you to all the trees and plant life that held the wisdom.

Plant Medicines

Yes, you can participate in plant medicines. This is the question I get asked the most. I did not personally sit with Ayahuasca. If that calls to you, wonderful. I personally feel there is magic to be gained by just being in this jungle space without needing anything further. You will know what you need. Having a trusted guide is so important to any experience.

Our Guides

Thank you to our Shamans and guide – Jade Chen and Max Murayari Pinedo

It was a pleasure to see these two souls work together and of course, as soon as the opening circle finished – the cleansing rain came pouring down.

Our Bodies

We supported our physical bodies in the most lovely way with massages, rest, hands-on reiki by myself and Monica and daily movement by Shawna Mox. (please go shake your booty with her in person or virtually!)

A special thank you to Sakhon that captured this beautiful photograph that makes me feel like a zebra. IYKYK.

Why I went

With the intention of giving.

For the joy of supporting Jade to activate these expirences.

To give hands-on and distance reiki to assist anyone in their process.

To make portraits with beautiful participants.

To share photography to all the vendors to continue to do this work that is so needed right now.

What to Give Too?

I plan to continue to give through my photographs.

Any profits from print sales from the Peru Gallery will go to a scholarship fund for future retreat participants. Jade has a goal of one scholarship seat for each retreat… as of now, it looks like it might be in Peru again next October, and then who knows where on the earth will call.

Have a retreat experience you are planning and would love a destination photographer and or reiki practitioner on your vendor team? Please reach out.

I’m also available for reiki treatments. Curious about it? See the Distance and Hands on Offerings.

And you better believe it comes with me to all my photography sessions too.

  1. Tami says:

    Oh Kelley. I balled while I read this blog of yours. BEAUTIFUL… just like you.
    Love you so so so much.
    Thank you for sharing my sister.

  2. Margret Hunter says:

    Living your best life. Love it. ❤️

  3. Shawna says:

    I’m so grateful you put these words to our experience. What a special and sacred time!

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