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Bay Area Family Photography Locations

What makes a good location? First things first, photography basics include lighting and nice backgrounds – that is what I show up to hunt out regardless of where we are.

Other than that let’s think about what images you want to look back on and remember about you and your family for years to come. Are you a beach-strolling windblown sandy-toed family? Are you a field roaming, rock hunting kind of family? Are you a board game baking cookies at home around a table family? Are you a local ice cream shop walk to the library and park family? We could make a scene anywhere as long as you and your kids are going to be able to settle in. If you have something in mind or a place that means something to you I’m sure we can work around it, so send it my way. Until then, here are some of my favorite ones.

Grassy Hills



Letsspreadbeautyphotographyanddesign_Web-85.jpgThe grassy hills of the Bay Area are my go-to. Trails all over offer great golden grasses in summer and pops of mustard yellow in the spring. I happen to live next to a trailhead in Walnut Creek and shoot these beauties year-round. I never grow tired of them and, hey, we get a nice walk in nature during our time together.

Ruth Bancroft Gardens

I am a photographer member here and can never get enough of this location in the heart of Walnut Creek, but feels like it could be a desert oasis across the globe. We get blooms and green year-round here. Worth noting, that we also have to work around the garden’s schedule, so advanced scheduling is encouraged and additional fees apply.

Beaches + Water


Depending on how far we are willing to travel, there are some pretty iconic Pacific Coast beaches including; Sutro Baths, Baker Beach, Muir Beach, China Beach, and everything from here to Carmel. Closer water spots include the Martinez Water Front, Benicia beaches, and some local creeks.

Local Parks

with some interesting elements.

Borges Ranch – Has some trackers and animals for the kids to play with. It can get crowded on weekends, so week-day shoots are better here.

Lar Rieu Park – has a windmill, some oak trees, and rocks walls. It is a total hidden gem – we are often one of the handful of people there.

Mt. Diablo Rock City – Great for climbers and rock lovers.

Larkey Park – has an old ivy building, redwood trees, and an open lawn

Tilden Park – Feed the animals, walk the paths, and picnic in a park.

Broadway Plaza – if we go early before the crowds the clean lines of the plaza around the fountain are very urban and fun.

Your House

I come to you, you lay on your couch, bed and in other pretty space full of your treasures. And no need to clean anything beyond what will show in the background, trust I get it, I live in my home too.



KLL_0503.jpgStill banging your head against the wall? Let’s try somewhere new or build a set!

Let’s create some dreamy images of you expressing your wildest, truest self.