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Setting a Scene

Whether it’s in a home, for a gathering, or just setting a table I have loved to create spaces with intention and play with the elements around me.

I still remember playing Barbies with my younger sister. I would build and design all the rooms for the story to unfold and then move on to the next one while she was playing with the dolls. I love getting lost in it and letting it unfold.

Lets Spread Beauty Photography and Design_Print--2.jpg

This recent setup was built in my garden – I wanted those warm end of summer, early autumn vibes. It to feels like a soft clothesline and filled with flowers and textures. Immediately the coneflowers caught my eye and I knew they had to be part of the scene.

The flowers naturally drew us in.

Lets Spread Beauty Photography and Design_Print-4747.jpg

In a session, I never want to force a smile. My hope is you show up, enjoy yourself and connect with the ones you are with – even if it is just yourself.

My sets always have coordinating colors, some elements for movement, and of course nature.

I always believe in the healing power of being seen and taking time for yourself and those elements contribute to the healing vibes.

Lets Spread Beauty Photography and Design_Print-4635.jpg

Lets Spread Beauty Photography and Design_Print-.jpg

I was thrilled with how it came out and now I have a flood of more ideas… so if you want a session in these, they are for Snap It’s and Surrender Sessions, but I am always open to creating one for a specific need as well.

Please inquiry if you want to book a session!

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