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Raccoons Eat Rabbits and My New 2021 Offer is Shaping Up


December 19, 2020


Kelley Lotosky



Where did the time go?

The year is coming to an end. A year of a pandemic where we have been in lockdown for over 9 months… where we “have more time”, but we don’t, we just use it differently. The hours I would have been commuting went to assisting with distance learning and reimaging my side business. I promised myself I would not come out of this the same – I was given the opportunity to learn new things and I jumped right in (I probably overestimated the amount of time I had for learning and producing… And my addiction to busy-ness showed up in a new fancy way, but that’s another story for another day.)

LetsSpreadBeautyPhotography_For Web-61.jpg

I got Naked.

One of the classes I joined was Naked Marketing , hosted by Bec Griffiths and Yan Palmer . Their combined energy and wisdom is unparalleled. Follow them, it will speak for itself. They have great questions, interactive classes. It’s a ton of work, but worth the investment in time and money. Who knows how long it would have taken me to unearth this stuff if I was doing it on my own? Not to mention, EVERYONE in the class is an artist I admire and would love to work with in the future… gah! Just brilliance everywhere. It mostly leaves me speechless so I can soak in all their wisdom, but I’m enjoying how we are all so unique. The class promised to have your marketing come from a place of heart and not feel like a salesy soul suck… that’s amazing, truly…

We are not done with the class yet, and it’s already working. But man when I put my big goals out there, dream up a new weird offer… and am getting ready to release it I feel as nervous as when I first started this thing years ago. It feels so personal and I worry you won’t all like me and it might break my heart right into pieces. I also have ideas flooding out my ears and eyes and just don’t even know where to start or end.

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So now what?

So I pulled a tarot card – from the animal spirit deck by Kim Krans – the rabbit. This beautiful little creature was there sitting in fear and overwhelm. According to the deck, to bring the rabbit back into balance, it asks you to have a day of silence. So here I sit, among candles, crystals, feathers, and cards in silence. I began journaling and collecting my thoughts for my next steps. I was called to pull a year ahead spread for my business. The theme card for Lets Spread Beauty for 2021 is the Raccoon. The very first line I read was “the raccoon kills the rabbit.” It brings it’s curiosity and eats away the fear. Revealing the next step.

So I am going into this with curiosity and invite you to join me.

Rabbit and Raccoon.jpg

So here is a taste of one of the tingling, shiny new things I’m going to explore: The Surrender Session.

I based this off of what I want and I just can’t NOT try it.

The offer is based on this first – TRUST.

Second: curiosity and exploring other parts of ourselves (Masks if you will, thanks Raccoon)

I will be combining and offering what has got me to this place – tools beyond just adobe creative suite and camera gear. The other creative and spiritual practices that let me move through doubt or offer insights I can’t or don’t want to see for myself. 

In addition to portraits, there will be energy healing, intuitive sensory and art play… and the best part is all you have to do is show up and surrender.

Here is your challenge, it’s going to be guided by senses other than your sight. The scene and experience will be different every time based on who shows up. So you won’t see the images of what it will look like before booking the session. You won’t know what you are walking into. That is by design. Put your desire to control away and surrender. The goal in these sessions is not a portrait, although those will be a portion to help you anchor in what you uncover or want to claim for yourself. They are your return ticket to that moment, where you, like the raccoon, remove your mask or try on a new one to explore your curiosity. 

So as this crystallizes, let me know your questions and if you want first access to the calendar to get in. The first 5 clients get a little something extra! Send me an inquiry here to get on the first release list.

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All the What-ifs (Do you have some of these?)

If it doesn’t work, if people aren’t called to it, I won’t lose what I already have to offer and know how to do. And no big surprise, but you can throw a stone and hit another photographer in the area I live, so if we aren’t a fit I know you will move on to find someone else to fill that need (photographs matter!) and it will be giving work to another growing creative. So I just have to get over myself. It’s about you and my insecurities are no good reason to not offer it.

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This is for all your creatives that desire to unmask your creative energy. I hope to co-create with you in 2021 and beyond.

Let’s create some dreamy images of you expressing your wildest, truest self.