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Walnut Creek Birth Photography

In the morning I got the call – they were at their doctors appointment and told to stay because baby was coming today.

Every single birth is different. This family welcomed me in, the soon to be big sister wore her sun glasses and loved on her grandpa the whole time. Yes, I was there to document, but there were even moments when you just have to be another mom that has been through it and knows the ups and downs of all the pain, hormones and joy mixed into this event.

Then the moment came. Everyone had left the room to walk the older sister to sleep… mom’s face changed and tears came down her cheek, she said she felt so much pressure and wanted to push. I could tell this was much more intense than everything before. I texted dad to get back right away, nurses called for the midwife and all I could do was let her squeeze my hand while we breathed through it. Baby was born just minutes after everyone made it to the room. One push!

Recalling these moments and editing these photos brings tears to my eyes, the good yummy life-is-so-beautiful tears, and always makes me extra snugly with my little ones.

And at the end of it all, the shy, sun-glass wearing big sister actually reached for me to hold her – a first for someone she had just met the family said. It made my day. Thank you to this family for having for this rare and treasured moment.

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