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I was on a call with a potential wedding client…


April 18, 2022


Kelley Lotosky


and they asked me what my pitch was.

Damn. I didn’t HAVE one. I just wanted to chat and see if we hit it off...

Naturally, I rattled off something about being a professional that has been in the industry for 5+ years and also owning cameras since high school. Emphasizing that I treasure capturing love stories and important milestones in an artful way.

That is all true. But here’s what I really wish I said and I was too afraid (and it probably would have been more helpful for all of us).

  1. Fuck it – by the time we have gotten this far you have probably seen at the least one image you like in my portfolio (if not, please visit here, here and I’m happy to send over sample galleries) and read at least a few words to know you aren’t the only soul on the planet that will have entrusted this person before with a camera is such a critical time. (if not, you can find some here, here, and here. And to be honest, I could be better at asking for them, I just never want to waste your time)
The bride fixed her hair just before kissing the groom during sunset at Nella Terra Cellars in Sunol, California.
Shot for One Love Photography.

2. I am a lightworker. As in I work with light in photographs – YES, but am also a lightworker in the bigger energy sense. If you are into it – cool. You will love it. If you aren’t – no worries, it won’t hurt you.

Before each session or event I send reiki and my prayer/manta/saying is “use me”… and I often feel led during a session and often times we don’t know why for a while. But who doesn’t love a little mystery?

The bride and groom leaving the ceremony at the St. Timothy Church in Danville, California to move to Aubrege du Soliel in the Napa Valley for the intimate reception and sunset portraits.

3. The crazier things get around me, the calmer I become. Since I was a child, people have always told me I have a calming presence and they love me to be there in tough situations. NOTHING is going to go wrong on your wedding, but just in case some emotions run high, things happen out of our control – we will just go with the flow and know it’s meant to be that way.

Small elopement at the Catholic church with an emotional hug coming down the aisle.

4. I’m an artist – the kind that has my head in the clouds and is constantly doodling and soaking in all the beautiful things around us. Taking it all in. Noticing things that others often don’t. I’m often so in flow I will not know I have to pee or eat when shooting.

5. Our culture loves artists, kinda.

So I learned how to be organized, people please, and get results to fit into this wild world.

Should I have put this as number 1?

Cake cutting at Gardener Ranch in Carmel, California.
Shot for One Love Photography.

6. I believe there is beauty in everyone if we look. And I also know how hard it can be to see our own. 

7. I love connecting and collaborating. Just more fun layers to the creation. Want to be hands-on. Great. Want to just check a box and be present? That’s cool too. I got you either way. And yes, please connect me to your other vendors and send me your weird ideas.

8. 12+ years into my own marriage, here is what I know about my wedding photographs and where they live. My kids love seeing our whole wedding album of all our details – hand-painted canvases by me for all 150 guests, all the family, and friends, that we actually danced and kissed! My printed and framed shots, with my grandparents that are no longer with us, sit near my desk. Some gorgeous couple shots hang on our gallery wall. I get excited to post on our anniversary each year because there are so many moments I love reliving and don’t imagine I will get sick of any time soon.

Backyard elopement on a raining evening in Mill Valley, California.

I hope your wedding day is weird and wonderful and that I just might get to be a part of that creating.

Want to get in touch and see if we are a good fit? Hit me up here!



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